The right diagnosis is half the cure

We are in the exact same state now!

With the help of the Coronavirus that pulled the plug from the false “life-support machine” that kept our artificial, inhumane, self-destructive Human system alive, we are now forced to look at ourselves and rebuild our socio-economic system on completely new foundations, values.

Finally, many people understand that all the problems we have been suffering from — and what caused us to helplessly repeat the same, vicious historic cycles for millennia — originate from our “cancer-like”, inherently selfish, exploitative egos.

It is our inherent program — that drives all of us — which forces us towards succeeding, surviving at each other’s expense while we deplete, destroy the very Natural system that gives us life.

Establishing the right diagnosis is the most important first step towards healing. Thus now we only need to apply the right remedy, a special, purposeful, and practical educational method, which can teach us how to harness, channel our all-powerful egos — we can neither suppress nor erase — towards the right, positive, constructive, collective goals, purpose.

This is what can give us great hope about our collective future!




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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann

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