The reason we need to learn what “true love” is

Question from the Internet:

“What is a weapon capable of changing the world as we know it today?”

The only weapon that is capable of changing the world is “love”, “true love”.

All the other weapons ever imagined, invented do not change anything. The world, human history has been a completely “monotomous”, blind affair, constantly driven by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, individualistic, hateful, and exploitative human ego.

All the weapons — and even things that we do not usually consider as weapons — only promote the total tyranny of this human ego over ourselves and others.

Only “true love” can change us and the world. But first, we would need to understand, learn what this “true love” is as what we call “love” today has nothing to do with it.

In our default state even “love” is simply an egoistic act, when we “love” in order to get selfish pleasure, reward out of it. If we do not get any selfish reward, pleasure out of “loving” someone, we simply can’t “love” as we do not have any fuel for it.

True “love” is what exists in Nature’s perfectly balanced, fully integrated system, where all the elements, all the degrees from the still, through vegetative to animal levels selflessly, unconditionally serve each other and the whole system through their assigned roles, in order to maintain the general balance and homeostasis life depends on.

Translating it to our human experience “true, natural love” is a state when the lover selflessly, unconditionally disappears in the desires, needs of the beloved, only existing in order to serve, perfectly fulfill those desires, needs according to the viewpoint, calculations of the beloved, without any instinctively egoistic, subjective bias, distortion. The “true lover” loves and serves even if the beloved dos not know, even if it happens completely incognito without anybody ever knowing about it, as the only important thing for the lover is to be able to unconditionally serve and this gives one fuel and fulfillment — without any other reward or recognition.

This is totally opposite, unacceptable, and incomprehensible for our inherent nature, to what we think about life in general on one hand. On the other hand without learning, implementing “true love” we can’t solve problems and survive in Nature’s lawful, fully integrated, and interdependent system.

Thus we have no choice. We have to learn and implement “true love”, moreover, we need to develop a true yearning for it, we need to learn to get the greatest pleasure from such totally selfless, unconditional service of others.

Then we will become “truly Human”, a creature that rises above inherent instincts in order to become similar to Nature, capable of creating and sustaining life consciously, willingly.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.