The real problems are behind the scenes…

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readOct 24, 2020

Opinion from the Internet on the Human effect on the Natural environment:

In trying to go quantify beneficial effects from the virus or more accurately the actions of the few months of lockdowns implemented are at best incredibly minuscule.

Although there was a benefit measurable in terms of air quality and so this is too tiny to be tangible and as such actions are temporary and even if we remain for a year or two I believe will be swamped and lost within months of ‘firing’ back up to normal.

I do think those leading the charge on what's been dubbed “climate change” are either not aware of the magnitude required to bring any significant change in planet behavior or that they work on the assumption that ‘climate change’ is assumed to be entirely or close to entirely caused by humankind is just too flawed.

In a statistical sense, we would have to know the exact measure of our pollution created in current times and subtract from that the ‘estimate’ humans would produce if living with no industrialization, no electricity generation, no commercial farming, and no food ‘products’, the removal of all chemicals and no nuclear. As in down to only natural waste that will remain. The resulting sum would present the ‘actual’ sum of our pollution at the current time which can be reduced or removed according to if we are prepared to scale back to living in wooden shacks and then our natural pollution would increase with burning fires for heat for example.

No, we stop at this juncture for reasons. It's not measurable, we are not prepared to go back to such a raw life and the planet changes are an indescribable magnitude greater than mankind's contributions which are in my opinion more to do with a presumed arrogance that we humankind are somehow greater than the sum of the planet’s powers rather than one, rather annoying, I dare say if the Earth had a mind to reflect upon, bacterium among many feeding from it.

This current ‘struggle’ to address “climate change” will see many lifetimes pass without anything to alter planet changes or fade out when in fifty years later finding that we are still here, no doubt with ‘some,’ cleaner results, whichever comes first.

Yes, you are completely right, Human effect on the climate is probably impossible to measure accurately. Moreover, we also know that whatever we measure, whatever conclusions we draw is completely egocentric, subjective, each researcher, scientist trying to prove their own point, or the point their paymasters are making.

On the other hand, Human influence on the Natural environment is not minuscule. We are the qualitatively highest “beings” in evolution’s pyramid, thus our effect on the closed, integral system is qualitatively the greatest, regardless of our quantitatively small size.

This effect is non-physical, we could say it is working “behind the scenes”, affecting the different natural force-fields that in turn determine all the actual, physical actions.

It is the same with the virus, we focus on the actual microbe, seemingly causing the visible disease, while the real effect comes from the negative attitude, the relationship between people we keep projecting towards each other. The constant egotistic, selfish hate we all live through — as a result of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, exploitative nature — is the origin of all the crisis situations, seemingly “non-Human induced” natural phenomena we are suffering from, which threaten our existence.

Now of course this effect is even more difficult to measure, quantify, prove than the Human effect on climate change.

In order to gain such ability first of all we would need to develop a unique, selfless, objective point of view, looking at ourselves and the Natural system “from the side”, without any of the inherently egocentric, subjective bias.

But the bottom line is: we will never be able to change anything by focusing on the external actions, “trying to save the planet” before we start recognizing the inner forces, desires, and intentions that drive us _ and influence everything around us — and as a result of that recognition we start changing ourselves “on the inside” (our goals, intentions, attitude).

This is why everything starts with a unique, purposeful, and highly practical scientific, educational method that can give us such an ability and the tools to achieve it.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.