The purpose of Human life: infinite happiness, infinite fulfillment

Our innate matter is an insatiable desire for fulfillment, happiness. Our purpose in life is to reach the perfect fulfillment of this insatiable desire.

But in order to reach that we will need to learn how to receive pleasure.

By default we are like black holes, we want everything for ourselves, drawing everything towards us at all cost, regardless of the damage we cause to others, to Nature. This inherently self-serving, self-justifying mode of behavior is the root cause of all the problems in our world.

Especially in a system that has become completely integrated and interdependent — as a result of Nature’s evolution driving everything towards most optimal integration — our instinctive yearning for selfish fulfillment at everybody’s, everything’s expense has made us behave like cancer.

So how is it possible to correct our present way of reception in a way, that we can still receive the infinite fulfillment that is the purpose of our existence, while we do not cause any harm to others and Nature?!

For this we have to build a very unique, new Human system based on Nature’s template called “mutual guarantee”.

Mutual guarantee means a very special relationship between elements of closed, integral Natural systems, where all elements exist, make calculations for the sake of all the other elements, for the whole collective, always aiming at the well-being, most optimal state of the whole.

This is instinctive in relation to Nature as a whole, except for Humanity, where each individual Human being acts as a standalone, fully independent being that can seemingly do whatever one wants, even if it is at the expense of others, at the expense of the system.

But it is this original incompatibility that gives us the opportunity to reach the ideal state, to build mutual guarantee by our own efforts, purposefully, methodically.

This way even after integrating, reaching mutual guarantee we will retain our independent, objective observer ability, which is our evolutionary Human purpose.

This is a gradual, step by step process which we have to achieve against our inherently self-serving and self-justifying nature, and above the instinctive distrust, self-protection, recurring animosity towards those were consider “others”, not part of our “inner circle”.

This unique “self-development” unfolds in special, small, purposeful and methodical environments, where people set out, commit to develop such a level of trust, “mutual love” towards one another, where they can let go of the instinctive shields, self-protection, allowing them to dissolve into see each other.

The “love” mentioned here had nothing to do with the usual hormonal, instinctive emotional state we recognize as “love”. He we are talking about “true love”, the inherent relation between particles, elements in Nature (including the relation between cells and organs of our biological bodies) where each exists only for the sake of the whole system.

Achieving true “love of others” means that I reach a state when my calculations completely shift from self-benefit to the benefit of others, benefit of the whole. It is like the love of a mother, constantly being concerned for her child we completely forgetting about her own state. But in this case this “motherly love” is built between people who have no initial familial, blood connection with one another.

When this unique “true love” starts to illuminate, appear, even in a very preliminary, basic manner, the participants receive an unprecedented sense of mutual dependency, the feeling that they are responsible for each other to the extent that the life giving circulation, communication between them is their own personal responsibility — from the viewpoint of each of the participants.

And this sense awakens a previously never felt fear, concern that if they don’t provide the love from their side, they harm all the others as the life-giving circulation, communication would stop as if there heart in the body decided to take a vacation.

Initially this sense of “love” and “fear” is almost indiscernible, as we don’t have any precedent, memory for such emotions, and if anything they are alien, repulsive for our inherently self-serving, self-justifying instincts.

It is like we aim for something, want to reach something we didn’t know, didn’t have experience with before, and when we reach it we don’t notice it, as such a thing was totally unimportant, even repulsive for us. It is like we already trample on a small piece of diamond under our feet, which we don’t notice, don’t appreciate, we can’t comprehend how immeasurable important, significant it is!

This is why it is the most important in this unique environment to constantly magnify the importance of reaching this unprecedented mutual love, and the “fear of love” so when it starts to appear we can already sense it, grasp it, stabilize it, constantly polish, grow it, until it becomes a truly shining lifeline between us.

When the sense of love and the fear of harming this love is stabilized, we can start gradually opening, using all our desires for fullfilment pleasure for each other. We can now do this without any concerns since we know that through the mutual guarantee I will receive everything I ever need, so I can perfectly fulfill the others with my maximum ability, with all my desires.

This creates an unprecedented, unique flow, circulation where I can receive everything, much more than before, in an infinite, perfect manner as I pass it on to others and don’t keep anything for myself. At the same time whatever I truly need I receive from the others as they behave towards me in the same way.

Moreover we will realize — like a mother towards her children — there there is much greater joy, reward in giving than in receiving, thus by this new flow we start to receive pleasures, fulfillment we never encountered before!

As we reach this ability in the small environment, copying Nature’s mutual guarantee into our connections, implementing it in practice, we can start connecting more and more people into this circle, circulation in increasing circles. This enlarges the network, gives greater depth, resolution to the sense of love, sense of “Natural circle of life” between us.

As a result — through the retained objective observer ability — we become able to witness, justify Nature’s life-giving, nurturing perfection, by the merit of becoming actively contributing parts in the system.



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