The purpose of evolution is conscious Human integration

Opinion from the Internet about evolution and Humanity:

“There is no “Goal” to evolution or any predetermined anything. It is just the description of how life competes to survive the environmental challenges it faces. If a species survives, it is the leftover of evolution. If a species can’t compete, it goes extinct.”

I know, that this is how usually people interpret evolution (the survival of the fittest meaning a cruel competition where only the strongest survives). But now — through our own negative, self-destructive example — we can revise this misunderstanding and see how evolution truly works.

Humanity created the most ruthlessly, exclusively competitive environment in evolution, when even the individual members of the same species succeed, survive at each other’s expense, not to mention how destructive we are towards Nature.

As a result, we are now on the brink of self-destruction.

On the other hand, we already have enough evidence that Nature is not competitive at all, but it is a fully integrated, mutually cooperating system, each part fulfilling its role for the wellbeing, balance, and homeostasis of the whole.

It is true that there are predators eating their prey, but that is simply restricted to their survival as “designed” by the system, they do not kill for fun, for personal reasons, simply for survival, and only eat part of the prey they need while leaving the rest to secondary predators and scavengers in a beautifully orchestrated “circle of life”.

For the best, closest example we can look at our own biological body. On the cellular level, there is constant upheaval, cells dying, being born, constant destruction and rebuilding ongoing, but only for the survival and healthy development of the whole body. No cell or organ competes exclusively against the others only when illness, cancer is present.

Humanity will not survive if we continue our recklessly, exclusively competitive ways. We can survive only when we learn how to integrated and mutually cooperate like Nature’s other parts, including the parts of our own bodies.

But contrary to other systems Humans have to achieve this consciously, above and against our inherently cancer-like nature.

And this is the purpose of evolution, to lead Humans to this conscious change and the ensuing attainment, understanding of Nature’s system as we become similar to it by our own efforts. This is why Humans are the only beings with a conscious intellect that is capable of critical self-assessment, analysis, and synthesis. And this is why initially Nature created us opposite to its general system so we would have the opportunity for change by recognition and free choice.