The primary objective of Human beings

Question from the Internet:

“What is the primary objective of human beings?”

The primary objective of human beings is to learn how to become “Human”.

By default, we are simply “humanoid”, somewhere in between developed primates and potentially Human beings. And in this transitional state, we are actually worse than other primates as we have lost our instinctive integration within Nature’s perfectly balanced system.

Evolution gave us a unique human ego, that makes us sense ourselves outside of, above the Natural system, feeling as if we could do anything as if we could make up our own laws and systems even if they go directly against Nature’s balance and homeostasis.

But coupled with the destructive, cancer-like ego — that drove our incredible, unparalleled development but also places us on the threshold of self-destruction — evolution also gave us a unique human intellect, that is capable of critical self-assessment and initiating self-changes.

Based on the above Nature’s evolution gave us the chance to be the only creatures of the system that can consciously, purposefully decide their evolutionary fate, whether we become extinct or we continue evolving together with the system.

We can recognize our original egoistic software, nature as harmful, destructive and we can actively, methodically harness Nature’s forces, evolution’s deterministic force, and template to correct, upgrade our own software.

Then we would become “truly Human” — a part of Nature that consciously became similar to, integrated into Nature’s integral system, by that gaining complete understanding, attainment of the template, purpose, cause and effect processes of the system to such an extent, that we will tangibly feel as if we ourselves designed, controlled the whole Universe.

This is our very high, unparalleled, unique evolutionary Human purpose, the primary objective in life.