The power of love

Question from the Internet:

“What is the strongest source of power to humans in the whole wide world?”

The strongest force not only for humans but in the whole Universe is “love”. This powerful love has nothing to do with the “love” we are talking, dreaming and singing about.

What we call “love” is just another way of connecting to others or objects in our usual subjective, self-serving way, “loving” something or somebody as long as it gives us a good feeling or some reward. We cannot naturally “love” another unless we gain from that “love”. And the often-cited “mother’s love” — as an example of selfless, unconditional service to another — is necessitated by Nature through motherly instincts.

Still, this instinctive “motherly love” is the closest to what we need to learn and implement if we want to harness and use Nature’s all-encompassing, all-powerful “loving force” that creates and sustains life.

In Nature each and every element, part and creature selflessly, unconditionally — blindly and instinctively — integrates into the system, fulfilling their roles and functions for the wellbeing of the whole, in order to contribute to sustaining the general balance and homeostasis of life depends on. And although each animal for example has their own, individual survival reflex and constant effort to cater for its natural necessities, it is overridden by the overall, general calculations for the benefit of the whole system.

If we want to feel and harness this Natural, loving, life-creating force and generate an unprecedented sense of existence through Nature-like human integration, we need to learn what “mother’s love” is towards others, even when we do not have the natural instinct, even towards others who we do not know, we do not “like” we even reject and want to distance ourselves from.

Our Human uniqueness is our conscious, willing and proactive integration into Nature’s system through integrating with each other with the help of “love of others”.

By this, even after integrating into Nature’s system, we will retain our independent viewpoint, becoming the system’s only consciously integrated observers and partners. Moreover, through the collective existence, we achieve with the help of this true, natural love, we will experience existence beyond any subjective and egocentric limitations like time, space and physical motion!

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.