The political system didn’t create “evil”, the “evil in us" created the political system

Question from the Internet:

“Will people in the future prove that political systems around the world created all evil in this world? Pretend you are not of any country on Earth, so your answer isn’t influenced by this Earth.”

If I could see humanity as an outsider, from another planet, I could very quickly, easily see what we are slowly starting to understand: the political system didn’t create the evil in this world, it is the evil in this world that created the political system!

And this “evil" is none other, but our own inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and exploitative nature that drives all of us and created all human civilizations, systems until now.

Our problem is that we keep blaming and treating the symptoms — changing politicians, parties, ideologies and systems — while leaving the root cause unattended. This is why human history is a helplessly recurring chain of vicious cycles, this is why our own civilization stumbles from crisis to crisis towards a seemingly inevitable self-destruction.

We need to purposefully, methodically develop a unique, independent, selfless and objective viewpoint — as if we were just arriving from another planet — so we could honestly, critically, objectively examine ourselves, the desires, intentions driving us, so we could finally find the right remedy: changing, correcting, upgrading ourselves.