The perfect Human society built on the template of Nature

Question from the Internet:

“If you were to create an ideal community, what would it be like? Where would it be located? What kind of government would you have? What would you do to people who defied you and the government?”

I start from the end.
We can’t call a community, society ideal, if there are still people who defy it, go against its mutual flow, direction, existence. A society is not perfect, ideal if it still needs policing, oppression of a sizeable population.

An ideal community, society needs to be based on “mutual guarantee", a Human environment that is based on Nature’s perfect, mutually responsible, mutually complementing template, without which life, positive development is impossible.

Such a society would need to work, exist like a healthy Human body, with all the cells, organs, subsystems mutually supporting, complementing each other.

Then instead of our present, very basic, egocentric, subjective, limited “single-cell" existence we could all achieve a qualitatively much higher, collective existence through an unprecedented, collective Human consciousness each of us could access, perceive reality through.

When people achieve this level of perception, existence, they will by themselves keep the Natural laws of balance and homeostasis. We won’t need any kind of oppressive government to keep the arrangement.

What we will need is guidance, assistance for learning and keeping those laws by unique, empirical scientists who feel and understand Nature and its laws most effectively, intimately.

These people won’t be “leaders", governors as we understand such notions today, as these people would be completely selfless, altruistic, working only for the sake of everybody else as true “public servants". This is why people will naturally, unconditionally follow their advice, guidance.

Although building such a unique, unprecedented Human society would start with small, initial cells, groups — that could be set up anywhere in the world — at the end it has to encompass the whole of Humanity, as Nature’s evolution demands Humanity to become like the rest of the system.

But contrary to the rest of the system we will achieve this consciously, by our own efforts, which will give us our unparalleled, evolutionary Human advantage.

While this might sound as an impossible utopia looking at the world today, it is exactly, specifically because the world is on the brink of self-destruction do we have a chance to start the available, purposeful and methodical educational process that leads to the perfect, “Nature-like" Human society.

The worsening crisis, hopelessness, the vast historic experience regarding an the tried ideologies and system we all failed in softens, prepares the otherwise proud, fiercely individualistic, egotistic Human beings for this revolutionary, evolutionary changes towards the perfect society built on Nature’s template.