Question from the Internet:

“If you had been in charge of designing human beings, what features would you have added or removed?”

We are actually designed perfectly by Nature’s evolution, but purposefully we were “released into production" with a seemingly unfinished, “beta software".

By default we are selfish, egoistic, subjective and individualistic, and as a result we behave like cancer in human society and in Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent system in general.

But this is in order to give us free choice, complete control over our own development the moment we recognized how self-destructive we are in our initial, instinctive form — which recognition unfolds in our generation.

Human beings are the only part of Nature that can learn about their original, raw nature and then upgrade, develop themselves consciously, methodically by their own efforts, in order to reach the seamless integration with Nature all other parts of Nature are blindly, instinctively born into.

As a result we can fulfill our unique, human, evolutionary role, purpose of being Nature’s only conscious, independent observers, partners.