The pandemic offering solution for the crisis

Question from the Internet:

“What revelation have you come to going through the Covid-19 pandemic?”

I have come to the revelation, recognition that we received the blueprint for solving the worsening, seemingly unsolvable global crisis that has been ailing us for decades.

After all the pandemic showed us without any doubts, that on one hand we evolved into a globally integrated, fully interdependent world.

On the other hand the self-defeating, selfish, individualistic and nationalistic reactions, “solutions” to the pandemic also showed, that we have no clue how to exist, solve problems in such a fully integral world.

So now we have to opportunity to start adjusting ourselves, upgrading our Human relationships, cooperation so we become compatible with the global, integral conditions Nature’s evolution is forcing on us.

And since we have to initiate and implement these unprecedented changes above, against our individualistic, exploitative instincts, we need a unique educational method that can help us without coercion, oppression, without misleading propaganda, using possible motivation and free choice.