The only way to escape the egotistic self and become truly free

All the events in our current life and all our historic experience shows us that the root cause of every problem is our own inherently egoistic, self-serving, self-justifying and self-protective nature that does not allow us to connect to others, to trust, help, love others unconditionally.

Additionally, this inherent nature locks us into a very limited and distorted egocentric, subjective consciousness and perception of reality. We live in our own introverted cocoons and experience a very distorted, tiny slice of true reality, a morsel that aids our instinctive day to day survival that is based on a selfish “pleasure/pain” software.

In order to solve our problems and acquire a complete, objective view of the world we would need to escape our own cocoon, and liberate a unique, “truly Human”, selfless, objective observer that can “roam” reality freely, without the egocentric, subjective limitations of time, space and physical motion, while fully attaining Nature’s perfect system, thus realistically, tangibly sensing a perfect, infinite life-experience.

How could we liberate ourselves to reach this? Is it possible for one to pull oneself by pulling one’s own hair?! And even if could can we imagine a state when I leave my own boundaries, all the usual, inherently self-reassuring, self-protective foundations, handles as if catapulting myself into thin air, into an empty vacuum?! Such a state feels, promises to be worse than committing suicide, a person disappearing into nothingness while observing this at the same time!

So we both need some external support for this liberation, and we also need a “place” we can escape into when leaving our own egotistic selves.

This is possible only through, with the help of other people. We can acquire this unprecedented, “supernatural”, Human observer point in special, purposeful and methodical environments through a special method.

By going through special, purposeful, collective exercises, activities, constantly supporting, pulling and pushing each other towards the common goal, these people can gradually learn how to sense, perceive reality through the desires, needs, and viewpoints of the others. With their committed, reciprocal work they can build such mutual trust, sense of “brotherhood” that in the end, they all lose any self-concern, self-service, and self-justification.

As a result, they “dig/wash” each other out of their inherently egocentric, subjective cocoons. They do not actually ‘enter” each other’s desires, but they open a unique, mutual “overlapping area”, space between them. In this unique “zero-gravity” space, the vacuum they all open a window towards a completely different dimension of consciousness and perception of reality, observing the world “as it is” without any selfish distortions, limitations.

At the same time, their original egocentric, subjective “cocoons” and the limited, introverted consciousness, perception through them does not disappear, but remain outside of the selfless, objective vacuum, verifying, justifying the new perception with its contradicting contrast.

This is what we can all acquire here an now through the above-mentioned environment and method!