The only freedom we can find through chaos and disaster

Question from the Internet:

“Why do we find freedom in chaos and disaster?”

Chaos and disaster, the sense of imminent self-destruction we are all heading now, can give us the opportunity to find the only true freedom human beings can achieve.

This freedom is the liberation from our inherently selfish, hateful, and exploitative egos (symbolized by the Pharaoh in the story of the Exodus from Egypt) that has been driving history’s helplessly recurring vicious cycles and that causes the perpetual, deepening crisis we ourselves are sinking into.

We need to pull ourselves, each other out from this slavery to the ego (like Moses) to become free in a new, “nature-like” existence, unconditionally caring for, serving each other.

By that, we rise to a completely new, qualitatively much higher, collective existence unbounded by the original, egocentric, and subjective limitations of time, space, and physical motion.