The only change we need is taking our evolution into our own hands

Question from the Internet:

“If you could change one thing about the entire human species what would you change and why?”

The Human species stands before its greatest evolutionary jump.

Similarly how billions of years ago single-cell organisms made the transition to form multi-cellular organisms for the obvious evolutionary advantage, now Humanity — feeling in a fully integrated and interdependent world as a result of evolution’s push towards integration — has to consciously transition from an inherently egotistic, individualistic, ruthlessly competitive existence towards a fully integrated, altruistic, mutually responsible and mutually complementing development.

While the earlier transition was unconscious, this Human transition will unfold with full awareness, purposefully and methodically, people willingly participating against and above their inherent nature.

And this conscious self-change, self-upgrade and the contrast between what we are born to and what we choose to become gives us our unique, unparalleled evolutionary edge.

This way even after integrating with each other and into Nature, we will retain a fully conscious, independent Human mind and perception. This will make us into Nature’s only conscious, inner observers, and the system’s active, benevolent partners, witnesses.