The only change we need

Question from the Internet:

“Do you agree that when it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change?”

It will take a while until we understand that it is not only not necessary to change, but that we can actually not change anything the way we want to change things.

All through human history until today we have been changing things according to our misguided and very limited — egocentric and subjective — perception, understanding of reality.

As a result, we have been existing in a human bubble — seemingly independent of the rest of Nature — where we have been experimenting with our arbitrary, self-serving, and self-justifying ideologies, religions, social, governing, and economic structures — until we reached a state that our human system has become so distorted, so much incompatible with Nature’s laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life depends on, that Nature is literally “kicking us out” of its system.

If we do not change the only thing we need to change — our inherent nature — then we will become extinct like the dinosaurs — disappearing from the scene while Nature continues evolving, easily correcting, repairing the temporary — compared to the scale of evolution — cancerous human damage.

The difference between the dinosaurs and other species that disappeared and humanity is that we have a unique, conscious human intellect that is capable of critical self-assessment — recognizing that the root cause of all our woes is inside us — and that is capable of initiating a unique self-change, self-upgrade process by harnessing Nature’s evolutionary forces, flow to help us become adapted to, compatible with its system and its laws.

After we have changed ourselves and became adjusted to Nature’s system and became a conscious, integrated but independent observers in the system, we will understand that we do not need to change anything since the system is perfect as it is, the only thing we had to do is to become aware of this perfection through the uniquely Human self-change, self-upgrade.