The “nearly” unsolvable societal problem

Question from the Internet:

“What are some societal problems that are nearly unsolvable?”

The societal problem that is nearly unsolvable is the explosive paradox between the globally integrated, interdependent world we evolved into and our own, inherently egotistic, subjective, individualistic nature.

As the pandemic and other growing global problems — that threaten our very existence — show, we simply can’t rise above instinctive self-interest, self-justification, succeeding at each other’s expense even when our health, survival depends on it.

This is why we are sleepwalking towards seemingly inevitable self-destruction, global meltdown.

Fortunately, this problem is only “nearly unsolvable”. With the right, purposeful, and highly practical educational, scientific method we can activate, guide our unique human intellect — capable of critical self-assessment and initiating self-change, self-improvement.

Then we can actually learn how to build “Nature-like”, mutually integrated, mutually responsible and mutually complementing human interconnections cooperation above and against our inherent nature — without suppressing, erasing anything but harnessing, channeling our ego’s awesome power towards positive, constructive, collective goals, purpose.