The Natural recipe for a perfect Human society

Question from the Internet:

Is the need for law a compromise of freedom?

Interestingly it is the opposite, we need laws because we are not free.

By default, we are helplessly enslaved, controlled by our inherently selfish, exploitative, individualistic egos. As a result without laws, regulations our ego would destroy the usual social truth of “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours” to “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is also mine”.

We can see how through history this unfolded each time when the laws, regulations of society weren’t enough to control the Human ego and the stronger elements in society - the most selfish, egotistic, exploitative among the less selfish, egotistic and exploitative - ruthlessly enslaved, used, manipulated and exploited the majority.

This actually happens in any society, even today, as usually the laws, regulations, policing effects the weaker majority, while the strong “elite” is always above the law. This goes automatically until the inequality, injustice goes beyond a certain threshold when the majority ignites and revolts.

This is the recipe for the helplessly recurring vicious historic cycles in human history, this is where our own civilization is heading also.

The pandemic dampened, slowed down our march to self-destruction but instead of thinking, trying to find the root cause of the recurring problems so we could correct, heal them, so far we only care about blindly returning to where we were under the yoke of the ego - even the masses want to stay where they are like abused, beaten wives who keep returning to their husbands.

But no law, regulation, ideology, or system change can cure, stop this process, as the ego is irrepressible.

We can avoid the seemingly inevitable self-destruction and build societies where we don’t need oppressive laws - that work only partially, temporary - when we liberated ourselves from the inherent egos - and learn how to channel, harness it’s awesome power - through a very special educational method.

We need to reach the true, universally accepted social truth if “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours”, but in a completely different, revolutionary way.

We can copy Nature’s perfect template that secures, facilitates the balance and homeostasis without which peace, fairness, equality in the system - which secures life and optimal development - is impossible.

And that is possible only when every element, particle in closed, fully integrated Natural systems - in our case Human beings in Human society - learn how to behave according to the principle of “what’s mine is yours, what’s yours is yours”, in a completely selfless, altruistic manner.

If each member of the society consciously accepted, implemented this, then we reach a perfect equilibrium where everybody mutually serves, complements the collective with their best abilities according to their actual conditions, while receiving justly, precisely, proportionally exactly what they need, so they can comfortably, happily perform their perfect “cogwheel” role in society.

This is the recipe for a peaceful, fair, just and sustainable society where we used everything, all our abilities, conditions in an unbounded way, we positively, constructively compete in who can contribute to the whole most optimally, and everybody receives exactly what they need and deserve.

This is the perfect, Natural implementation of “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours” by each caring about the well-being of the whole, of others.

Besides we can already learn and implement this method in small, closed environments as “laboratories”, cells that will later become the funding blocks of society.

The increasing pressure from Nature forcing us towards compatibility with its laws and the positive, working educational method pulling people through positive motivation, positive examples and by providing immediate positive reinforcement will make sure that people will join this historic shift willingly, without any need for laws, red tapes, coercion or misleading propaganda.