The Natural purpose of Human being born selfish, egotistic and subjective

Zsolt Hermann
5 min readMay 9, 2020


The negative connotations of egoism, selfishness, greed

While more and more people start to see, accept that the greatest problem causing Humanity’s worsening crisis situation is our own egoism, selfishness, and greed, it is still very difficult to accept that it is not others who have such qualities but all of us. Naturally, most people would consider themselves as decent Human beings, capable of giving, loving others, capable of empathy, sympathy, etc.

First of all, I fully sympathize with the strong resistance, rejection hearing such expressions as egoism, greed, selfishness applied in a general sense. We instinctively reject such concepts about ourselves. These notions have very negative connotations in our general vocabulary we use them as “curse-words” describing people. Most of all we do not know, do not understand that being selfish, egotistic is nothing to be ashamed of, not to be condemned or praised. This is simply how we are born.

And not only we Humans are born as egocentric, selfish but all other elements of Nature. Each particle, cell, living creature looks after itself, first of all, fights for its own survival against the world around it.

Egocentric, selfish Nature

Even the inanimate elements hold onto their original structure with an inner “cohesion”, strength against anything that tries to change their shape, integrity. Then it is much clearer at the vegetative, plant level each plant drawing towards itself what it needs, emitting what it does not need, grows away what is harmful to it. It is even clearer in the animal world, each individual animal and herd looking after their own survival at all costs.

Still, there is a huge difference between all other levels of Nature and Humans.

All other levels, elements in Nature are instinctively integrated into Nature’s fully integrated system, keeping the fragile balance, homeostasis Nature’s “circle of life”, optimal development depends on. The calculations for individual survival can never harm the general balance which each non-human part, element in Nature instinctively feels and subjugates to.

A predator eats the prey as it has to and the prey serves as the necessary nutrition for survival. But the predator never hunts, eats more than it needs for its necessities, the primary predator the leaves the carcass for secondary predators. They also help the natural selection by chasing and eating the weaker specimens from the herd of prey. Thus the natural balance and homeostasis are never harmed — as long as humans do not interfere. When we decide to restrict, modify plant, animal numbers according to our own understanding, try to impose our own calculations on the Natural balance, everything breaks. (For example, just look at how Humans hunt — for sport — in our days. We do not hunt the weakest link as predators in nature, we want to shoot and display the largest, strongest specimen to prove our own might, for our own pride while causing terrible harm to Nature, but we are oblivious, we do not care)

The disconnected, “outsider” Humans

The moment we leave the mother’s womb we find ourselves outside of the Natural system, completely oblivious to its “circle of life”, we have no idea about the fundamental laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis. And even if we study and recognize those laws we ignore them and build a Human system that is opposite to Nature’s, it is excessively consuming, exploitative, we even exploit our own species, many times our own “herd”, family, for our own selfish success, survival at everybody else’s expense.

What proof is there that Humans are selfish, egoistic, and greedy? Our whole Human history is the proof, with its recurring vicious cycles due to the reckless, self-obsessed behavior of Humans, our methodical destruction of Nature is the proof, how the whole world reacted to this pandemic individually and nationally, each wanting to survive at the expense of others even if this meant a few days longer survival than for others. We blindly can’t act in any other way.

Some suggest that newborn babies, small children already have an innate sense of morality, sympathy in them, they can already tell right from wrong. When actually observe babies, we can’t see any sense of “morality” (while the concept of “morality” is in itself a subjective, egocentric concept, each hanging their own moral code as a result of our inherently egocentric, subjective nature, the program we can’t escape from).

Senseless, helpless Human babies

Babies, small children are the best examples of instinctive, blind, self-centered, self-obsessed behavior. While small animals within days integrate into nature’s system, knowing what to eat, what not to eat, to a certain extent they can already look after themselves, Human babies are utterly helpless and incapable of observing, researching their surrounding. Without constant supervision even babies that can already crawl can walk would kill themselves (and many times do) by eating, drinking toxic materials, going in the fire, falling off height, putting their fingers into electric outlets, etc.

They do not know right from wrong so much so, that they do not even who their true, real mother is, as we can see through cases of babies being accidentally switched at birth, or small babies, children being adopted that are fully convinced that it is their real parents that raise them. Human children, a young adult need upbringing, education much longer and in a much more complex way than animals. And this Human education is still ongoing we haven’t even started the most important, fully conscious part of it!

The positive, purposeful evolutionary aspect of Human egoism, selfishness

The seemingly negative egotistic, selfish qualities we are born with are neither condemned nor praised, as it was Nature’s evolution that “created” us this way. This is the only way Humans can have an independent viewpoint of Nature’s system, being “outsiders” to it. And this is the only way we have a free choice about our own development, having the opportunity to complete our Human evolution by consciously, methodically learning how to “complete our unfinished, beta program”, learn how to integrate with each other and by that integrate with Nature.

As a result, even after such integration, we will retain a completely independent, objective “insider” view of the system and contrary to animals we will be able to fully appreciate, confirm and justify nature’s magnificent perfection.

Without being born opposite to, outside of Nature, without being egotists, selfish, and greedy first, all this would not be possible. Thus we actually have to be grateful for these seemingly negative traits, qualities as without them we wouldn’t be able to become Humans. And it is in our generation when we can take our first baby steps towards that final, conscious phase of Human evolution where we can methodically learn how to become truly Humans above, against, with the help of those inherent traits we received at birth from Nature.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.