The natural foundations of a fair, equal human society

Question from the Internet:

“Are the institutions of society fairly structured?”

No, they are not fairly structured. At this stage, we do not even know what “fair” or “equal” actually means as we make all our calculations, decisions, assessments according to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective, and individualistic/nationalistic viewpoint, program.

So I consider “fair”, “equal” whatever serves my selfish interest, and it is this way we build society and its structures as well. Thus each society is striated, according to casts, classes, different interests, cultural, ethnic, or other groupings, where the more selfish, egoistic part uses, exploits the less selfish, egoistic part.

But the less selfish, egoistic part is not better and if they get the upper hand through their quantitative advantage, they set up their own unequal, unfair systems, structures.

Even just to get to the point of understanding how fairness, equality works in Nature’s perfectly balanced, integrated system that is comprised of myriads of highly diverse, seemingly incompatible parts, elements we need to go through a unique and purposeful educational method.

And only when we understood how Nature organizes such diversity into a single whole, where each part, element can most optimally, selflessly contribute to the positive development, the well-being of the whole while justly, proportionally receiving everything they need to continue their perfect, mutual contribution can we rebuild human society accordingly.