The most important lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic so far

  • We are all sitting on the same boat, we have evolved into a world where we are all dependent on each other and thus we are fully responsible for one another.
  • If we are all sitting on the same boat it does not matter who is drilling hole underneath whom — as we try to instinctively succeed, profit at the expense of others, using the misery, misfortune of the others for our own joy — as when the boat sinks (and we have been sinking for a while) we will all drown.
  • We exist in a Natural system that operates by unbending, iron laws that govern the fragile balance and homeostasis without which life, optimal development is impossible. If we stubbornly pursue a Human system that goes against those laws — like our excessive, exploitative, overproduction, overconsumption socio-economic system — we will stumble from crisis to crisis until we self-destruct.
  • Previously all the above was only words or scenes from disaster movies. Now it is our real-time, own life, and there are no other superheroes but ourselves to save the day — mutually together with the help of the right education, cooperation above our inherently egoistic, selfish, greedy and hateful instincts.




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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann

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