The most important educational principle: Learning how to connect to each other

Question from the Internet:

“Looking into the major principles of human development. As a future educator, how can you apply each principle in dealing with your clientele, the child and adolescent in relation with teaching and learning process?”

Today all educational principles compress into a single, most important principle.

We have evolved into a fully integrated, independent world. Anything we do, above, our problem solving ability and our survival all comes down to it ability to build positive, sustainable, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation.

Even gathering knowledge, understanding Nature’s fully integral system depends on an unprecedented “collective intelligence” that can comprehend the Natural system through “similarity of form” - an integral intelligence researching and attaining an integral system.

Thus instead of the present education - simply uploading information into the brain of the children in order to create from them mindless producers and consumers of goods, services - we need to start a Human education: focusing on Human interconnections.

Then we will start to reveal a “truly Human life”, which is an unprecedented, collective existence with a previously unfelt, special circulation of energy, communication between us which will mirror Nature’s special “circle of life”.

This way we don’t “just solve and prevent problems and safeguard our collective survival”, but we raise ourselves to a qualitatively much higher level of existence - in mutual partnership with Nature as its highest quality species, its fully conscious observers.