The most accurate, emotional science

Question from the Internet:

“Can we say ‘Rights of Nature’ as ‘Dignity of nature’? Explain with supportive arguments.”

Yes and no.

On one hand it is pointless attaching human characteristics, behaviour to Nature, as Nature is a strict, lawful system, where everything is defined, governed by strict, unchanging laws that determine reach and every action, cause and effect process.

Nature is a system that develops according to a deterministic developmental plan like a computer program that runs until it reaches its final goal.

On the other hand everything depends on the observer, and we examine, experience and describe Nature according to our own qualities, according to our own subjective, emotional characteristics, since human beings are primarily sentient creatures, our intellect is “only" facilitating, helping our emotional perception, computing.

Thus we relate to everything — including to such inanimate objects as our cars, houses, computers, not to mention to plants and animals — in a 100% emotional way, attributing our own feelings to them, building emotional relationships with them.

Thus for us Nature, and everything in it, is a living being, and whatever we experience we describe according to our feelings, projecting our own sensations, behavioral patterns to what we get into contact with.

We can describe everything in Nature’s system through mathematical formulas, since everything is the result of the interaction of forces in a lawful system. We don’t know all the formulas yet and we can’t combine what we know into a single formula yet.

But how many people can read, understand such mathematical formulas and even the greatest minds can’t combine them yet so they could understand how the system truly work?!

On the other hand when we describe things through an emotional, symbolic language, through stories and examples, we can pierce through, go beyond the intellect and help people understand very deep, extremely complex notions, states by giving emotional impressions to them. This way we can pass on very difficult concepts even to children.

This is how very unique, original empirical, Natural scientists have been describing their research conclusions about Nature’s perfect system for millennia. They use a special, emotional, symbolic language to pass on very precise, accurate scientific results — which they attained by becoming Nature’s independent, “insider observers" through a unique method fine tuning themselves to “Nature’s frequency".

Many people made the mistake to take their descriptions literally, by that establishing religions, faith systems, losing the actual, inner meaning of their research and conclusion.

We can go through the same self-correction, fine-tuning these scientists achieved, in order to capture the full meaning of their conclusions.

Then we will also understand Nature from within, not only knowing, but “feeling, sensing the system through our bones", understanding all of Nature’s laws, cause and effect processes, evolution’s plan and the unique, single formula — theory of everything — that encompasses all.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.