The meaning of Globalization

Question from the Internet:

“What do you mean by globalisation? Explain you opinion.”

Globalization is a natural, evolutionary process, as everything in nature — including humanity — becomes gradually, fully integrated, interdependent.

So - contrary to popular belief — Globalization is not a man-made proc, we have no control over it, we can’t stop it, avoid it.

What we can learn and implement is how we use the inevitable global connections, how we exist in the fully integrated, interdependent system.

At this stage we still try to use these interconections in our usual self-serving, egocentric, exploitative ways, trying to survive, succeed at each other’s expense — consciously, unconsciously.

This is why most people experience Globalization as something negative.

This we need a unique, purposeful and very practical educational method, so we could understand and feel how to adapt to Globalization as Nature’s strict, unchanging laws — that sustain the balance, homeostasis life depends on — determine.

When we rebuild our relationships, human society based on Nature’s integral template Globalization become a positive, qualitatively higher state for all of us.