The magic mirror

Inherently locked into an egocentric, subjective perception, consciousness

Our inherent consciousness, perception of reality is 100% egocentric, subjective. We do not see the world “as it is”, we only see a small, limited and distorted morsel of it, which serves our instinctive, self-serving, self-protective, day to day survival according to introverted “pleasure/pain calculations” — I draw towards even greater pleasures, I go far from actual or expected pain.

The world, the people I see are all measured, “sized up” accordingly.

Moreover, perception of reality, research, attainment works according to “similarity of qualities”. In other words, we can recognize, perceive, attain only those things we have matching qualities, matching frequency with. We are like modems, radio receivers, when we “get into contact” with anything outside of us, we only absorb whatever we have matching resonance, memory, precedence, mutual understanding with and it is the same way our “personal computer” computes, analyzes whatever we absorbed.

It turns out that the reality we see “on the outside” is nothing else but the reflection of our own qualities on an unknown background. All the qualities, colored, tastes I identify in other people, and everything else in reality, are the qualities, matching frequencies I already have in myself.

I can’t change others, I can change only myself

This has “shocking consequences”. It is completely pointless trying to change, “correct” others, since I do not even know those others, I only know my own, personal version of them. Thus when I try to correct, change them I am working with a mathematical formula with too many unknowns that is impossible to solve.

But I can try something else. I could try to correct the negative qualities I see in others in myself first. After all, I can be certain, that if I see any qualities — negative or positive — in others, I also have such qualities since if I did not, I would have been able to notice such qualities in those others.

This method is impossible to try, implement in the general society with everybody all at once. But it works perfectly well in small, mutually supportive, mutually complementing groups with a small circle of people who are all committed to the same goal.

The group — magic mirror

If these people perform mutual, collective activities for building a strong, selfless, altruistic unity with each other, their inherent, selfish, individualistic ego immediately starts disturbing this attempt by showing the others in a negative light, with constant criticism, making one doubt the goal, the purpose of the circle, using any possible opportunity to disrupt the process.

This way the group becomes the “perfect, magic mirror” as one can see in “full color, in perfect resolution” one’s own worst qualities, attributes projected onto the others by one’s own ego. The special method in this environment allows the members to fine-tune themselves, to subdue in them the very same qualities they see in the others while focusing on, sharpening, magnifying any good quality, attribute they see in the others.

This process goes on until the observing person can fully declare and justify that those others are actually perfect beings that have only good qualities. When this template is learned, when it becomes a habit and as such second nature to them, they can now turn towards the “external reality” with others, where they can apply the same method even with those other people not participating, not knowing about it.

Through this subduing, correcting oneself while concomitantly justifying others we can achieve a unique, unprecedented, selfless, and objective perception of reality. Thus from the initial limited, distorted, egocentric, and subjective morsel, we can open an unlimited, perfect, and objective dimension of reality we can roam in and attain without problems, distortions.



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