The love that can unite us

An opinion from the Internet about love and unity:

“The thing that can unite us is Love, but we can’t achieve that first until we all have a common enemy! So we’ll get there soon! We are already halfway there building enemies that we can fight cos since love can’t unite us war will, and it’ll be the artificial intelligence we are building!”

I agree with you that only love can unite us.

But at this stage we still do not know what actual, “true love” is, thus we keep uniting through hating others. That is not love.

We need to learn “true love” from Nature, as only the altruistic, totally selfless, unconditional mutual service of each other and the collective can create and sustain life. This is “true love”, the totally unconditional, selfless, altruistic service of others, fulfilling their needs as if they were ours when I exist only for this service, “true love”.

When we learn this — partly from positive motivation, partly from understanding that otherwise, we will not survive — we will be able to unite and exist, cooperate together above and against our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful, and exploitative nature that drives us all.