The infinite, eternal freedom of the cogwheel

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readDec 1, 2020

Question from the Internet:

“When thinking about ideas concerning the freedom of the human will, do you find that the will is free? Or, are there many constraints upon humanity, that the collective will of humanity is bound, and can never be completely free?”

It is always difficult to examine the question of freedom, free will in relation to ourselves due to the omnipresent subjective, egocentric bias.

So let us try a different example!

When we look at our own biological bodies, how much freedom, individual free choice do our cells have? Can they make individual decisions going against the overall “opinion", state, calculation of the whole body?!

Of course not.

When cells, organs start to make decisions, calculations, actions not synchronized with the rest of the body illness occurs. When cells start to consume, grow out of synchrony with the rest of the body, cancer starts.

From Nature’s point of view Humanity is a single, integrated entity, one of the species in Nature. We could say that from systemic point of view Humanity is an organ in Nature’s body, where each human being is a cell of that “Human organ".

So can we have truly individual free choice, can we do what we want?!

Of course we don’t see this that way, as we are born with a consciousness, perception that “tells" us that we are unique, independent creatures with true free choice, independent action. Moreover it is Nature’s evolution that gave us this “misunderstanding". How can that be?!

Humanity have a very special, conscious role in Nature’s system compared to all other parts, elements, animals that are instinctively, “unconsciously" integrated into the system.

We are supposed to agree to, and implement total, mutual integration with each other and with Nature through our own choice, volition, understanding!

Why would we do that when we cherish the illusory independence, individual uniqueness so much, that we keep fighting wars, make huge sacrifices for it?!

We don’t want to give up this illusory freedom even when are shown that we live in a real life Matrix without any freedom!

In truth we are most locked in, enslaved when we seemingly exist in isolation, independently, serving our self-interest whole ruthlessly, exclusively fighting against others, surviving at each other’s expense.

In this state of perceived “personal independence" we are totally controlled by our self-serving, self-justifying egos, when every moment of our lives we are forced to think about ourselves, make all the calculations about our own well-being, make huge efforts to protect ourselves, our own interest, hardly having any time to peek out of our inherently egocentric, subjective cocoons.

We are total slaves to our own overwhelming dictator, the ego.

Real freedom is when we don’t have to think about ourselves any longer, when we are totally liberated from self-concern, self-protection, when will our abilities, concentration, interest is freed to be used to explore reality as it is, above any egocentric, subjective bias, restrictions.

We are cogwheels in the system whatever we want it or not, and our role, purpose is predetermined by Nature’s evolution. But we can choose how we live through, implement this cogwheel role.

We can remain the faulty, “rusty" cogwheel, that keeps stalling the general movement, rotation, constantly wanting to rotate differently, in opposite direction without differing speed compared to the other cogwh and the system. This behaviour — especially that all human cogwheels try to turn in them own individual ways — is causing all the problems in the world.

Or, we can learn the function, purpose and developmental plan of the system, we can learn our own unique, predetermined role in it. And then we can willingly, in advance implement our role, making sure that our cogwheel functions in the most optimal, oiled way in the system, only focusing on how to facilitate the most perfect state, function of the system.

In that state we rise above the usual, inherently self-centered, egotistic, introverted consciousness, perception, and we start experiencing life on the systemic level, sensing ourselves one with the whole system like a Human being sensing itself instead of experiencing life on the cellular level, as one of the cells or organs.

This is the kind of consciousness, perception upgrade we can achieve by purposefully, methodically liberating ourselves from the selfish, subjective ego through mutually interconnecting, integrating with others. We rise above, abandon the ego, the self and gain access to the whole system without any boundaries, in an infinite, timeless manner since all those restrictions apply only to the subjective ego.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.