The incredible responsibility at the turning point of history

Question from the Internet:

“How have the current international political and environmental events changed your daily life in a negative or positive manner?”

It gave me a wide range of impressions and emotions, it has energized me, filled me with extreme concern, and an even greater sense of responsibility!

After all, I have been studying for years — through a unique, scientific method — that sooner or later Humanity will run into an inevitable, irreversible socio-economic crisis, as our Human system is built on an unsustainable, unnatural and inhumane construct.

I have been studying for years that a system that is built on excessive overproduction, overconsumption, ruthless and exclusive competition, success, and survival at the expense of others is incompatible with Nature’s fully integrated, finely balanced system, thus it has no right to exist.

And since I have also been studying the practical, step by step method how we could help Humanity out of this crisis towards a better, safer and more sustainable — at the same time qualitatively much higher collective — existence, now that this total collapse is unfolding suddenly the time has come to implement in practice everything we have studied so far!

So those who have been preparing for this role of becoming guides, instructors, carriers of the positive example for the rest of the people have to feel the fateful importance of our times, as on the successful work of these pioneers depends on Humanity fate, how soon we can all shift to a conscious, truly Human development towards our predetermined, evolutionary Human purpose in life.