The incredible duality of the (truly) Human being

The perception of a single cell

Let us imagine for a moment that we receive the ability to perceive reality as one of the organs, cells of our own biological body. We simply could not imagine, probably could not tolerate the constant turmoil, constant fight, interaction, life, and death states our organs, cells go through constantly.

After all, some of our cells are renewed, changed, killed, and are reborn daily, weekly. Even the longest living fat, bone cells are replaced, every 7–10 years, meaning almost our whole body is completely replaced every 7–10 years!

This means that while our consciousness has a comfortable afternoon nap or we meditate, inside there is constant war, breakdown, and rebuilding, insane communication, give and take is unfolding which makes the busiest known Human activities very pale in comparison.

Imagine the insight, completely different appreciation of life, the existence we gained if we could perceive life both on the single-cellular level and on our present “systemic”, whole-body consciousness!

Human beings as individual cells

What if, on a more “macro” level we are like individual cells, with our own constant, daily turmoil, fights, competitions, wars and breakdown, and rebuilding. Our whole Human history is a seemingly hopeless, recurring chain of vicious cycles. Especially in our generation, we have lost sight of any true, meaningful individual or collective purpose. Seemingly we are locked into a completely aimless activity of production, consumption until our civilization breaks, we fight wars/destroy what was there before and start rebuilding again.

What if on a “higher plane” — on a potentially collective Human consciousness, intelligence level — this all makes sense and we could plot the direction we are developing towards?!

While this sounds theoretical, or some kind of a sci-fi plot, mysticism, it is actually how reality is. We are but individual cells of a single, completely integrated Human “super-organism”, with a potential — still dormant — collective Human consciousness we can all tap into. And through this higher, collective consciousness we would be able to sense reality in a completely different, selfless and objective manner.

Moreover that higher, collective Human consciousness is fully integrated into Nature’s integral system, being nature’s only truly conscious, aware “mind”. This means that by accessing this collective Human intellect we would sense and control the whole Natural Universe!

Accessing a higher, Collective Human Consciousness — the Mind of the Universe

This is neither mysticism, philosophy, or science fiction. Reaching a conscious perception of that higher, systematic Human consciousness is our evolutionary Human purpose. Moreover, this higher Human consciousness already exists, but we are unaware of it, we can’t access it as we are still stuck on our original, “single-cell”, egocentric, subjective level.

With the right, purposeful and practical educational method we can gradually awaken ourselves towards this previously unfelt, never before experienced, collective Human consciousness, each of us willingly plugging into it through selfless, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation, unconditionally submitting to this “higher mind” in return receiving the full, unlimited, eternal access to reality as it truly is — in its complete, magnificent perfection!

And we do not lose the original “single-cell” consciousness, perception, the new “multi-cellular” consciousness, perception — gained by perceiving, computing reality through the desires, needs, viewpoints of others — is an additional, second layer. Then we start existing with this duality, perceiving complete reality within the contrast, with the help of this unique comparative research in between a limited, subjective, individualistic picture of reality and an unlimited, selfless, objective picture.

The “I”, the “self” is the selfless, independent observer that compares the two pictures, verifying, justifying Nature’s perfection compared to the seemingly endless turmoil, fight for survival on the single-cellular level.



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