The importance of the right education

Question from the Internet:

“How is our understanding of the world influenced by the way knowledge is communicated?”

Our understanding of the world comes through education.

Without the right education, “inner programming” we cannot approach, adapt ourselves to the world, especially not human beings that are different from other animals that after a few days after being born can already instinctively adapt themselves to their natural environment.

Thus the upbringing, education we receive are extremely important.

Our greatest problem is that the usual upbringing, the education we receive adapts us to the artificial, unnatural human system we created, but we are not educated to live in the Natural world which is our true surrounding.

Previously it was not so obvious and disturbing as it is today, but as our inherently self-serving, subjective, and individualistic ego grew through history, our human system has become so alien compared to Nature’s fully integrated, finely balanced system, that we become completely incompatible with life in Nature, our human life has become unsustainable.

This is why — before it is too late, and we have been already losing young generation one after the other while sleepwalking towards a global disaster on multiple levels — we urgently need a unique, purposeful, and practical educational method that can give us not only the knowledge but also the practical implementation to lead humanity back to compatibility, seamless integration with Nature.

The fact, that we have to achieve this re-integration into Nature above and against our raging egos makes us truly human, allowing us to preserve a certain level of independence, freedom of action, objective observation of the system even after we integrated into it.