The impending doom we fear is a gateway towards a bright, qualitatively much higher future

Question from the Internet:

“How can we overcome the current sense of impending 'doom' for the future of humanity?”

In a pragmatic manner we have to identify the root cause of the impending doom and then we have to find the remedy for that root cause.

When we analyze the long chain of helplessly recurring vicious historic cycles and our present helpless stumble from crisis to crisis, we can easily identify our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and individualistic nature - that drives all Human beings - as the root cause.

The selfish, exploitative ego that determines everything we do is neither evil nor sinful, we were “installed” with this software by Nature’s evolution. Without being opposite to Nature - outsiders compared to all other parts of the system that are blindly, instinctively integrated in it - we wouldn’t have free choice, or the conscious ability to take our development into our own hands.

Our actual free choice, truly Human development starts now, when a growing number of people - reaching an all-important critical mass - recognizes, accepts the above mentioned root cause, moreover they are becoming ready to start changing, upgrading themselves instead of trying to change others our the world around them.

This is why our present transitional state - threatening with self-destruction - is the greatest revolution in Human history. The pandemic and the evolving crisis that will finish off the previous, unsustainable, unnatural Human system - built on excessive overconsumption and ruthless competition, success, survival at each other’s and Nature’s expense - is the turning point.

With the help of the above mentioned “critical mass” - usually 15–20% of a given population - Humanity will gradually develop towards a completely different, mutually responsible, mutually complementing, “Nature-like” collective Human society. We will reach a qualitatively much higher collective existence through integrating with each other and by that also integrating into Nature’s perfect system.