The highest human need — purpose in life

Question from the Internet:

“How do you meet the highest human needs? What are the steps that will be taken to achieve that jaw-pounding need?”

“Human need” is expressed in the evolution of our desires.

This is how we developed through the initially “animate” desires of food, sex, family through the so-called social desires of wealth, power, fame, and knowledge, until in our days a new, previously dormant desire awakens in more and more people towards finding, fulfilling our truly Human purpose in life.

Thus while it is important to make sure that everybody on the planet can get their basic, healthy, natural needs within the optimal parameters of natural necessities and available resources, it is equally or even more important that we also make sure people can learn about, understand and fulfill their truly Human potential, purpose in life.

Without this purpose more and more people — especially those who otherwise have everything in life even more than what they need — feel increasingly empty, depressed, fatigued, turning to drugs, to the aimless brainwashing of the incessant “circus and bread entertainment” to bury this deep inner need for an overall purpose.

This is why urgently need a unique, purposeful, and highly practical educational method that can guide us towards our purpose in life — determined by Nature’s deterministic evolutionary plan.