The “higher cause”/plan that will unite us all

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readJul 11, 2020

Opinion from the Internet:

It is clear that we will need to unite in order to survive in a global world, but where is that Higher Cause — as God, or something similar — that will facilitate that the connections will remain?

There is indeed a “Higher Cause” which will ultimately unite all of us, making sure that we can stay together above and despite our differences.

But as we both agree Humanity’s developmental level is highly diverse, moreover only a fraction of the people “believe in some Higher Force”.

This is why we have to start from the most realistic, urgent, sharply obvious “common cause”: survival.

With all the blows coming at us, and all coming globally, it is now relatively easy to explain to people that we either all survive, or we all self-destruct — we are sitting on the same sinking boat.

When we manage to avert self-destruction for the time being — our ego won’t stop inciting us towards one another — and receive a taste of what we can achieve when we act, cooperate together, when we get emotional impressions from “mutual responsibility” which is obliging on one hand, but also provides unprecedented confidence, security, on the other hand, some people will want to go further as they are not only interested in the day to day survival, but they are also interested in the purpose, the meaning of Human existence, why we are called Human, etc.

And here we encounter the “higher cause” and how we could resolve the religious/secular, scientific schism.

There is indeed a predetermined plan which defines our purpose we need to achieve, which we have to study and follow. This plan obligates us to become like a single, integrated species — all ancient philosophies, spiritual teachings agree on this.

Now, we can relate to this “from a distance”, presuming a “Humanoid” single entity behind this plan, or we can look at it as the plan of Natural evolution, a set of laws, cause and effect processes we can learn, identify with and follow, becoming partners with building a mutual relationship to. Those who want to become these unique scientists can pull the rest behind them to open and attain this plan and our Human purpose in it.

The most important is that — as great sages said — “none as wise as the experienced”. We need to practice and feel, taste what our mutual connections can give us. We need to see and experience that together we can save our sinking global boat and survive as long as we do not drill holes underneath each other like now.

Then we will need to experience, feel, taste that through our connections we acquire a collective ability to “feel Nature”, to research, probe Nature’s perfect system from within — as with our mutual integration we tune ourselves to nature’s integral system. As a result, we can in practice feel and learn the evolutionary plan and our actual, predetermined role in it.

So in the end, only empirical research can keep us united as no philosophy, blind belief is strong enough to neutralize our egos and help us act above it, using the ego for positive and constructive goals.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.