The hardest possible Human work — building connections

Opinion from the Internet on introducing UBI as the crisis is causing unprecedented unemployment:

“So basically few will have to work, and the rest of us will live off of them? Why do I not think that will work?”

You are right, of course, this does not work.

A society works only when each contributes to the well-being, optimal development of the whole while receiving everything — each according to their conditions and according to the most optimal contribution — whatever they need to comfortably cover their necessities.

But building such a society is a gradual process, that requires a completely different upbringing, education system, and requires completely new values, foundations for a society which the media, entertainment reinforce in a positive way.

So we need to start from somewhere.

And since billions will become unemployed as a result of the crisis wiping out everything that is unnecessary for a normal, healthy, natural Human life, people will need something to cover their necessities.

This is where the UBI comes in, although while according to its definition it means a guaranteed, unconditional income, this “UBI” needs to be conditional, on the condition people enroll into the above mentioned revolutionary educational program that helps us in understanding how life in a globally integrated and interdependent society needs to be, according to the laws of Nature.

Then later while a minority will do actual, physical work to produce the necessities people need, the rest will work hard on building and maintaining the crucially necessary, positive, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing Human connections, cooperation.

While this might look like “nothing”, this is actually the hardest work. Even if we understand that for solving problems and surviving in a global, integral world we need to work together, for the sake of the collective above selfish, individualistic calculations, our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, exploitative individualistic nature will not disappear, it will grow further, trying to exploit everything for its own sake.

So building and maintaining Human connections above and against instinctive reactions, temptations — each working on themselves while helping others — is the hardest possible Human work.

Thus each will fully deserve whatever they receive back from society!