The greatest irony of the Covid-19 pandemic

We could say that the greatest irony of the pandemic is, that the Coronavirus - which we fight as something “evil” - in truth came as a help from Nature to correct the truly dangerous, destructive virus in reality: Humanity.

We cannot discard the devastating loss of life caused by the virus in certain countries of course on one hand. On the other hand all other options that would have come to put a stop to our self-destructive, unsustainable socio-economic system - like bloody revolutions, world wars - would have caused much greater lots of life, lots of physical assets, abilities, making any rebuilding, change much more difficult.

Moreover with the enforced pause, “rehab” during the lockdown the virus also gave us an opportunity to get used to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle while having the opportunity to rethink our lives, our values, goals society is built upon.

In fact this is the first time Humanity had received such a free choose to decide if we want to continue blindly following our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, exploitative instincts or we are ready to engage our unique Human mind cause of critical and-assessment, initiating self-change.

So it is upon us to use the virus as a helping hand, invitation from Nature’s system to cure the true virus that’s capable of killing us: our inherent, instinctive nature.