The greatest inspiration from true love

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readMay 28


Question from the Internet:

“What has been the greatest inspiration in your life so far?”

We are social creatures. It does not matter how unique and independent we think we are.

Our self-esteem, self-judgment, our whole picture of ourselves is based on comparing ourselves to others.

Our main drivers are envy, jealousy, desire for more and craving respect. We all want to prove ourselves above others. As a result, one of our main pleasures is succeeding at the expense of others when we can get something and achieve something others haven’t.

Thus we are constantly glued to others, observing them, following them, and learning from them, consciously and unconsciously.

It does not matter what we believe or how much we think we are independent and can exist on our own; our constant mutual interconnection and interactions, the endless give and take between people, is carved into our DNA.

Thus we receive our inspiration from others. And how much inspiration we receive and how much we value it depends on what we want to achieve.

In our usual society — that is based on aimless and endless consumption and material wealth — we find inspiration from the zeros of the bank accounts of the most successful people, how many goals or points they score, how many trophies, companies, states, and cars they collect or how many followers they have on YouTube, Twitter and so on.

Since we value control, power manipulation over others, and how much we can exploit them, we also fear but respect these qualities in those who control, manipulate and exploit us.

But in truth, these values and aspirations are not truly “human”; they work and evoke respect only in the distorted, dehumanized, and dying human society we have built for ourselves.

Truly “Human” values mirror the values and aspirations of nature, creating and nurturing life through unconditionally serving and loving interconnections, where elements in nature or people exist only fro each other’s sake, to care for the well-being and happiness of others.

These are values and aspirations we have all long forgotten since our society and the overwhelming media and entertainment brainwashing do not place value on them. Today we do not even value “mother’s love” or the loving environment of the classical family we have worked very hard to dismantle.

But when we find an environment that places value only on learning and practicing true love and the unconditional service of others — above and against our inherently selfish, individualistic, and exploitative nature, without suppressing or erasing that inherent nature — then we receive inspiration that we cannot receive anywhere else.

The moment we enter such an environment, and we become parts of the endless stream of that unconditional love and service of others, which we can measure and verify against the instinctive rejection, distrust, and hate we also feel, we immediately sense that we stumbled on a place that has the ability to create and nurture life and reveal nature’s forces and fundamental laws as a result of the similarity achieved with the natural system.

Being part of such an environment has been the greatest inspiration of my life.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.