The Global world is our “playground” — so we need to understand it!

Question from the Internet:

“Why do we need to study Globalization?”

We need to study Globalization as living in a globally integrated and fully interdependent world is our “playground” from now on.

“Globalization” is not something man-made, we evolved into such a system. The Natural system we are born from, we exist in, we are integral parts of is “global”.

Most people consider “Globalization” something that is concerned only with markets, businesses, financial systems, entertainment. But in truth “Globalization” concerns our whole existence on all levels.

This is why we need to study and understand the Natural laws that govern, closed, integral, “global” systems, as we would need to learn those laws and adapt to them, since our problem solving ability and collective Human survival depends on this.

We are not instinctively “integrated”, adapted like other parts of Nature, like other animals for example. We are all born individualistic, self-serving and subjective, opposites to Natural integration.

This is purposeful to help us achieve our unique, evolutionary Human role in the system. Only Humans can achieve - with the help, on the basis of our initial opposition - conscious, methodical integration into Nature.

In this process we acquire full research ability, attainment of Nature’s laws, cause and effect processes to such an extent, that we will feel as if we ourselves designed, built the system!