The future of the world depends on how people will behave in the future

Question from the Internet:

“What will our world be like in the future?”

The world - Human society - is made up of people, behaves as the people in it behave. Thus how the future looks like depends on who we become and how we behave.

Thus if we continue blindly following our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying and exploitative program - which we received from Nature’s evolution - we will continue the helplessly recurring, vicious historic cycles, stumbling from crisis to crisis, war to war as we build and destroy civilizations one after the other.

If we learn how to awaken and use a very different, “Nature-like”, selfless and altruistic program in us - which can help us build a fully integrated, global Human society on Nature’s integral template, by purposefully, methodically harnessing Nature’s evolution - then we can rise to a very different, qualitatively much higher, collective Human existence, in benevolent, mutual partnership with Nature.