The future of the “job-market”

Question from the Internet:

“What’s a job the world would be better off without?”

The present pandemic and the evolving socio-economic crisis will completely rearrange Human society.

Our previous system was based on an unnatural and unsustainable system of excessive overproduction, overconsumption, and ruthless, exclusive competition between individuals and nations to succeed and survive at each other’s expense.

In our generation, we have reached the threshold when this Human system has become toxic and started consuming itself.

We have been ignoring the ever-worsening global crisis, trying to “kick the can down the road”, believing that somehow our problems will miraculously solve themselves. But now the pandemic with the restrictions pulled the plug on this collective lie and our system started stumbling like a house of cards.

In the coming months, we will see most of the non-essential, obsolete, luxury industries, services, systems collapse, and this process has already started. In the end, everything except what is truly necessary for a modern, healthy, natural Human life will disappear.

Since life in the old/present system was built on accumulating material possessions, since everything, even Human beings were measures according to their material wealth, and from upbringing through education to the values and aspirations of societies all focused only on this, this collapse will affect all of us.

80–90 percent of Humanity will become jobless.

Only those jobs, professions will remain that are truly important and necessary. Nature’s laws that sustain the crucially important balance and homeostasis that sustain life will force us to scale down to the optimal parameters of natural necessities and available resources, and since we are integral parts of Nature’s system there is nothing we can do about this.

So what leaders and laymen alike need to figure out is what to do with the billions of people who will remain jobless.

UBI might be a quick fix for the short term, just to secure the necessities for most people who do not have long term buffers. But a Human being cannot tolerate receiving “alm”, “donation” for long, while we also lose our “Humanity” without a useful, appreciated contribution towards the society we live in.

Thus it will extremely important to organize a unique “upbringing”, “educational program” in return to the remuneration covering the necessities, an education that can help us understand, moreover feel what it means to exist in a globally integrated and interdependent system.

Then this upbringing, education could prepare the jobless 80–90 percent for the most important profession above all: building and constantly strengthening the mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections that has to become the foundation for the next, qualitatively much higher and sustainable Human society!