The future of Human society

Question from the Internet:

“What kind of a social world are we heading for better or for worse?”

For worse we are heading for total chaos, anarchy, as our unsustainable Human system - built on excessive overconsuming, success at each other — is collapsing in the fully integrated Natural system we live in.

Unemployment will affect billions, social inequality will incite riots, civil wars, while leaders will opt for the usual “historic solutions" for such internal problems: war with other countries. Then through a global meltdown only a handful people stay alive so will start again.

For better we will first recognize the inevitable, above described scenario, if we continue with our blind, instinctive, egotistic development.

And then — with the help of as more sensitive and willing critical mass — we will change ourselves, change how we relate to each other and Nature. As a result we will rebuild Human society on the integrated, interdependent, balanced template of Nature’s system.

Then we will rise to a qualitatively much higher, collective Human existence, consciously living above our instincts, harnessing our all-powerful ego for positive, constructive, collective goals, purposes.