The foundations of a perfect Human society

Opinion from the Internet on an ideal Human society:

“Simply stated, in my view, an equal and inclusive society is one in which each person is free to express themselves in all aspects within the society’s agreed-upon parameters. One where each person observes respects themselves and each other.

This ideal can be achieved by establishing and enforcing agreed-upon rules of engagement while each member has the freedom to participate, express, achieve, grow and prosper as far as ambition takes them.”

While in principle I agree with your template, it is never going to work as long as the “agreed upon/enforced” rules are arbitrary, developed, and introduced by Human beings, according to their egocentric, subjective views, ideas, philosophies, and ideologies, which is inevitable since we are all born self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective.

The only way we can build a truly equal, peaceful, and sustainable Human society is when we build it based on Nature’s integral template, introduced through a special educational method that is fully built on Nature’s laws without any Human interpretation, addition.

This way we will need no enforcement, coercion as people will join willingly, naturally feeling that such Natural principles will lead to the desired result. This way we will be able to find and fulfill our predetermined, evolutionary individual and collective “cogwheel role” in society and Nature which this educational method can guide us towards.