The flourishing Human being

Question from the Internet:

“What does it mean for a human being to flourish?”

For a Human being to flourish it means to find one’s perfect, mutually responsible, mutually complementing role, purpose in Human society and in Nature.

Contrary to our usual, popular belief that we are independent, “standalone” creatures that can do whatever we like, we are but individual cells in Humanity’s single, integrated organ within Nature’s all-encompassing, fully interconnected, integral body.

Thus we flourish when we find and fulfill our integral role through “Nature-like”, selflessly, unconditionally serving manner, as them Nature’s all-encompassing life-providing energy, flow can stream through us towards others, like blood circulates in the body through clean, open vessels.

But since we need to learn, find and fulfill such a role against, above our inherently selfish, egocentric and exploitative nature, we remain fully conscious while this life-force streams through us, thus we can sense, enjoy that flow in a fully aware, understanding, actively contributing way!

Through this partnering, selflessly contributing and consciously observing role we become truly Human: similar to Nature’s life-giving force-field.