The final phase of Human evolution starts now

Question from the Internet:

“People don’t really care that much about others. Why is that?”

Because we are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective, and individualistic nature.

This is neither a crime nor is it evil, this is how Nature’s evolution “created us”.

We are supposed to consciously recognize that with this instinctively cancer-like nature we will inevitably self-destruct, so we would develop a true, irrepressible need to change, adjust, upgrade ourselves so we would be able to care about each other like the cells of our own biological body serve the whole organism.

This conscious, proactive self-change and the ensuing mutual integration with each other and by that reaching a seamless integration with integral Nature makes us truly Human.

This is why evolution gave us birth with an “unfinished”, “beta-software” giving us the chance and ability to finish our own Human development by our own free choice and effort.

The transition towards this conscious, proactive phase of Human evolution starts in our days when masses of people recognize that our own nature is the root cause of all our problems.