The explicit problem with Human society

Question from the Internet:

“What is something that hasn’t been explicitly stated, but needs to be said about society?”

All the problems that we observe in Human society — regardless of nationality, culture, religion, history, political or economic system — come from the inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and exploitative nature that drives all of us.

As a result — that we can observe very clearly, sharply in our days — all superficial, political, economic, social or military solutions are doomed to fail, as long as we don’t start changing, educating, upgrading ourselves.

We need to learn how to build positive, sustainable, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation above everything that separates, rejects us from each other.

Our differences, the mutual distrust, animosity that breaks societies assist right now will never disappear, we can’t suppress, erase them, they will only grow. But we can learn how to build unity, mutual responsibility and common decision making, action above them with the help of the appropriate educational method.