The “epicenter” of Humanity

There is an “epicenter of Humanity”, but we “have lost it” long time ago. we have forgotten about it.

Our “epicenter” is our single origin. We are a single species, all born from Nature’s system. Our evolutionary path, our unique evolutionary Human purpose is the same.

At the same time, we are different than all other parts of Nature, like other animals for example. Those are instinctively, undoubtedly integrated into Nature’s system, taking part in its constant “circle of life”, continuous flow of circulation of energy, communication. They do not have the special Human ego that separates us from the rest.

Humanity’s history is the chronicle of the ever-growing, intensifying Human ego. As time passes we become ever more individualistic, selfish, narcissistic, alienated from each other. This process has reached its final form in our generation, where each person is a separate world — living only for oneself — and we lost all mutual bonds, even the classical family, the founding block of Human society is disappearing.

This is why Human history is an inevitably recurring chain of vicious cycles that are coming faster with greater civilization-ending blows each time. With today’s total alienation, separation, individualism we have become totally opposite to what Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system and its “iron laws” sustaining balance and homeostasis expect from us.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, our own civilization was also heading for the next blow — only 80 years after that last one. The unexpected pause, thinking time has given us time to think about the blind, instinctive way we have been developing so far — constantly growing apart from one another.

In the completely integrated and interdependent natural system we exist in we won’t be able to solve our global problems, we won’t be able to survive unless we learn how to rebuild our original connections, restoring mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation above everything that separates us right now.

This is crucially necessary for our collective Human survival but that is only the first “reward”, “side effect”.

By re-establishing our mutual connections, by becoming a single, mutually cooperating species again above the tension, the constant rejection the ego causes we would fulfill a much greater goal — we would reconnect ourselves to our “epicenter”! And this time we would become fully conscious about it!

The more we integrate among ourselves, the more similar we become to Nature’s system. And through that similarity we gradually re-integrate into the system, feeling its life-flow, circulation, communication streaming through us — as restored circulation nourishing a previously severed limb that was meticulously reattached by clever surgery.

Through the changed attitude towards one another, changing selfish, destructive egoism, individualism to selfless, altruism, unconditional service of the whole collective — through the matching “frequency” — we start to sense how Nature gives life, takes care of all of its parts, elements with pure “bestowal”, “motherly love”.

Suddenly we would sense the same perfect care and fulfillment that is felt only in the “mother’s womb” as we ourselves start to care for one another, serve each other. But since we do this with a constant, renewing effort above the incessant resistance, the contrast from our inherently selfish egos, we remain fully conscious of this perfect state. Moreover, we also feel that we deserve, merit this state since we ourselves make efforts for it above our selfish, egotistic instincts, we ourselves generating the “magnetic field” that keeps us above our initial selves.

This new, realistic, tangible sensation of reconnecting to our “epicenter”, fulfilling our evolutionary Human purpose — being Nature’s conscious, objective, independent still integrated witnesses, partners — completely overwhelms the initial goal of physical survival so much so, that we completely forget about it — though still surviving through our biological bodies — existing instead in the mutual flow, collective life of the whole system which now we attain, comprehend as our own — us being at its epicenter.



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.