The elephant’s rope and human beings

Question from the Internet:

“The elephant rope story: Do people also make the same mistake as the elephants, can you give some examples?”

The elephants did not make any mistakes. They are instinctive creatures, simply act, behave according to their natural instincts and how their conditions allow those instincts to operate.

This is how we can tame, train animals, gradually forcing certain conditions on them that change their behavior. These elephants were simply conditioned to behave that the rope that held them when they were small is strong enough to hold them even when they are grown up.

Human beings are inherently also instinctive creatures and as long as we blindly follow our instincts — as humanity has been doing all through history until today — we can also be conditioned to do, follow seemingly illogical, even crazy things — we would find them crazy if we could look at ourselves from the outside.

Most of the things our society takes for granted, labels “normal” has nothing to do with normalcy, but since everybody seems to do it and we are conditioned to it gradually this has become our “normal” - like to completely insane rat-race, 24/7 excessive overconsumption normal people want to return to when the pandemic is over.

But we can’t escape our self-destructive, abnormal Matrix unless we make a decision to rise above simple instinctive existence, automatically fulfilling our selfish, subjective desires, to fulfill whatever need we have right here right now, because until then we are very easy to tame and manipulate.