The cycles of “something” and “nothing” — the unique evolution of human perception

Question from the Internet:

“Before there was “nothing” then there was stuff. Is it a cyclical process? Will there still be “nothing”?”

We can say it is a cyclical process, a unique development, the evolution of the human observer.

Our perception of reality is subjective, thus we can never speak about reality without the observer that observes reality, and whatever we state about reality is related to the actual observer.

Thus “something” or “nothing” is how the actual observer senses, feels reality according to the observer’s actual sensory state, development.

If we choose to, we can enter a unique educational process, where we can consciously, purposefully, and methodically upgrade our perception of reality to a point, where we get as close as possible to transcend our inherently egocentric, subjective perception and reveal, attain reality as it is, where we attain, can “touch and taste” THE something that actually exists.

Each step in this developmental process is like a rebirth, as if we received a heart and brain transplant, as each level of perception is totally different, opposite to the consciousness, the perception we had before.

This is why, from our own point of view — we go through cycles of “nothing” and “something” interchanging, where at each level we think that the “something” we found, the reality perceived is already the true, final one until we fall into nothingness again understanding that we fell into an even deeper whole of our subjective, egocentric perception, consciousness and as a result, we “agree” to lose that consciousness to step onto a degree higher again.

It is like agreeing to go under general anesthesia, so Nature’s evolution could upgrade us, change, set our consciousness and perception to a deeper, more sensitive level with even greater resolution between contrasts. This process has to be gradual, in order to prepare us to endure ever greater levels of contrasts, dynamic tensions between complete opposites in order to obtain the comparative research necessary for true perception.

This unique process requires a special scientific, educational method and the appropriate “laboratory” where such incredible, fundamental inner changes in us can unfold. And it is totally realistic, scientific, measurable, and repeatable for those who already feel an irrepressible desire to escape their inherently subjective, egocentric, limited, and distorted cocoons in order to arrive at that final state of recognizing reality as it is, by changing, fine-tuning themselves.

I hope this helps.