The crisis is a chance for rebirth

Question from the Internet:

“How do you deal with everything going on in the world right now (example: coronavirus, protests/riots, etc.)?”

I wouldn’t be able to deal with it if I didn’t know that the chaos, deepening crisis, desperate helplessness we are observing is purposeful and that it actually gives us a chance for a much better future.

What we are going through right now is like “birthing pains” as we are transitioning a previously blind, instinctive development towards a completely new, conscious, proactive development when we take our fate into our own hands.

This will take us out of the usual, helplessly recurring vicious historic cycles.

Right now we are in danger of repeating exactly what happened 70–80 years ago, sliding into it own Great Depression followed with a World War. The writing is already on the wall.

And if we can’t snap out of the usual blind, instinctive reactions, solutions - running from right to left them left to right, succumbing to nationalism, fascism, hatred, riots and “solving” another unsolvable crisis with wars - we will explode.

With all the historic examples and present warning signs we have received the chance to finally start using our unique Human intellect, critical self-assessment, to initiate a special self-changing, self-upgrade process.

Most importantly we need to forget about all the previous, present ideologies, philosophies, dogmas, and research and apply Nature’s laws - that sustain the fragile balance and homeostasis in the system - onto Human society.

This means building “Nature-like” mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, while scaling down to the optional parameters of natural necessities and available resources.

This is not spirituality, mysticism.

We have been living in an illusion for too long, that Humanity is above Nature’s laws and we can do whatever we want. As we reached a point where it activities are toxic, and destructive we are learning through suffering and increasing crisis that we can’t ignore, break the Natural laws.

If we finally start adjusting our attitude towards each other and Nature, instead of enemies we will become “partners” with the Natural system by keeping all of us laws. And that will give us unprecedented insight into the system elevating our existence to a qualitatively much higher, wiser level.