The collapse of the West heralds a new start for mankind

Question from the Internet:

“Are the Western supporting movements that will actually put an end to their civilization?”

Yes. The Western civilization — like the Roman Empire and other narcissistic, self-serving civilizations before — is inevitably collapsing.

All the different movements, ideologies, directions we are observing today — many times trying to resuscitate what we already tried and failed in — are simply desperate and futile last-minute attempts to save the unsavable.

It is not the West that is on trial, that is failing but our whole Human system, our whole inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic, and exploitative human development. All other, “non-Western” cultures, civilizations, systems are just offshoots of the same egoistic human nature in different cultural, national, religious contexts.

Human history is the story of the incessantly, exponentially growing human ego from the early “hunter-gatherer” times to the peak of the “American Dream”.

The more the ego grew, the more incompatible we have become with Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent system and the strict, unchanging and unforgiving natural laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life depends on.

In our generation, we have reached the threshold beyond which human life — as it is today — is unsustainable on this planet.

This heralds our unique, Human free choice, a moment when we can finally take our own development, fate into our own hands. Instead of the previous, self-destructive, unsustainable blind, instinctive development, we can switch to a completely new, this time conscious developmental path, when we purposefully, methodically adapt ourselves to Nature’s laws and its integral template.

We have to return to seamless, mutual integration with Nature, but with full awareness and gaining a unique comparative contrast, comparative research between our previous selfish, egoistic, individualistic, and the acquired selfless, altruistic, and mutually complementing, Natural existence.

In between the two different types of existence, we will gain unprecedented, total attainment of the Natural system with all of its cause and effect processes, details to such an extent that we will tangibly, realistically feel as if we ourselves built, governed the system.

This is our unique, collective Human evolutionary purpose in life.