Question from the Internet:

“What is the code of capitalism?”

The original code of capitalism — best represented by the “American Dream" — is the principle of “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours".

In other words in a system with infinite resources and infinite possibilities we compete with each other in a clear, fair way and each can become the maker of one’s own fate without impending on the efforts of others.

The problem — as it turns out — is that we don’t live in a world with infinite resources, infinite possibilities. Moreover we all have a nature — unknown to most, denied by others — which gains the greatest pleasure from succeeding at the expense of others.

As a result of those two above mentioned factors the “code of capitalism" evolved into “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine too".

Which means that we live in societies where the peak of Human pyramid — the most egotistic, most selfish people among us — exploit, own the rest, as even what we seemingly have is bought through credit, as we are constantly urged, forced, brainwashed to consume what we actually don’t need and can’t afford.

And other — non-Capitalistic — socioeconomic systems don’t fare any better, as while the ideology, system might differ, the main driving force, our inherent Human nature is all the same.

As a result we are seemingly helplessly, inevitably marching towards a total collapse of our self-consuming, ruthlessly competitive civilization.

And as always, true solution, remedy is possible only if we diagnose and treat the root cause which Humanity has avoided, ignored so far. And since the diagnosis is unpleasant to hear — that the cancer is in us, it is our own selfish, egotistic, exploitative ego program that drives all of us — many will still dispute, reject, ignore it until only terrible, intolerable suffering will force us to look into the brutally honest mirror showing us who we are, what desires, intentions drive us.

Of course there is another, less cruel, faster, purposeful method of diagnosing and treating ourselves, but that can be done only by willing participation, without any coercion, without misleading propaganda.