The chance to rebuild we received from COVID19

Most people and experts are discussing the negative impacts the Coronavirus pandemic had on the economy. I am not sure that the impacts are negative.

First of all the economy was already in crisis decades before the virus appeared. We could say that we have been in a perpetual economic, financial crisis since 2008, only trillions of dollars of “virtual money” (printed without any actual basis, backup) keeping things seemingly alive.

In the meantime “growth” has slowed down or even stopped apart from a few, still developing countries that tried to catch up with the West, while in reality, the picture has been much worse since everybody has been sinking into unserviceable debt all over the world, while unemployment — especially for young people — was rising.

Fake alliances, unions like the EU started to fall apart, while Trump also started to dismantle agreements, organizations that have been built on a lie, have been operating on a lie and American dollar pumped into them just to keep up appearances.

Way before Coronavirus our whole system was exactly like the “emperor’s clothes”: an artificially generated illusion.

The pandemic and its last, mortal blow to this system are simply bringing us back to reality. It is not pretty as nobody likes to wake up from a dream they thought was real. But without actually knowing where we are, why we got here we would never be able to repair the damage and rebuild our Human system on different foundations.

So the Covid19 virus gives us this opportunity for an honest, critical self-assessment and rebuild.

Of course, everything depends on if we want the truth if we are ready to make the necessary changes: switching our unsustainable, excessive, overproduction, overconsumption system and its supporting political, social system to a new Human system that is built on Nature’s template.

There are still many who want to continue the lie, want to pretend that everything is fine and all we need to do is to restart the “Matrix” everybody can reconnect to.

Hopefully, we already have a healthy minority that is brave enough to think otherwise and go “politically incorrectly” remaining disconnected from the artificial, inhumane “Matrix”. Hopefully, such a “critical mass” is ready to build a different, Human socio-economic system following nature’s example of mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation — above differences and despite everything that rejects people from one another, while living according to natural necessities and available Natural and Human resources.

Our good future, collective Human survival will depend on these rebuilding, Natural pioneers to become successful.